Kresha is informed and experienced

To the Editor:

When I choose a representative I look for the most articulate, informed and experienced candidate. I want my representative to be knowledgeable on the issues, yet not entrenched in partisan beliefs. After watching the House 9B debate on Lakeland Public TV Oct. 4, the most qualified candidate is Ron Kresha.

During the debate, each candidate was asked questions about state budgeting, education, agriculture, goals for the district and the amendments. Kresha demonstrated a thorough understanding of each of the issues and its impact on Morrison and Todd counties. Furthermore, none of his answers involved partisan campaign taglines or one-liner rhetoric; instead his responses clearly stepped through each issue with specific and reasonable solutions and a willingness to seek legislative solutions that will serve the best interest of House 9B.

I believe it is time to get behind a candidate who is riding above the partisan politics and seeking long-term solutions, not just short-term government fixes. Ron Kresha is an excellent choice for 9B.

If you were not able to see the debate, you may find it online at

Vote Ron Kresha Nov. 6. — Lori Kraska, Long Prairie