Open meeting law was not violated

To the Editor:

The Little Falls Senior Center hosted a candidate forum for seniors and the Record reported on an accusation of violating open meeting laws made by candidate Robin Hensel and Council Member at Large Brian-Paul Crowder.

A violation of an open meeting law says city business has to be discussed. It wasn’t. Three council members were asked to attend the forum, the mayor was asked to emcee and one member was an interested citizen. All of this amidst Senate, representative, commissioner and school board candidates (who all know the open meeting laws), plus, many citizens.

Does this make sense? If someone was going to have a secret meeting, wouldn’t they look for a secret place, instead of within the lion’s den? Personally, I wish Ms. Hensel would come to a meeting without looking for fault in someone (usually the mayor).

As a voter, I don’t know what she stands for because she seems to be focused on accusations. As far as Crowder, his true nature is showing. I hope the Senior Center doesn’t let this bother them. They do a good service to the community by hosting these forums, and the organizer should be commended.

It was an honor to be there. — Frank Gosiak, 3rd Ward City Council incumbent, Little Falls