Shocked at editorial in Record

To the Editor:

Never in my 87 years did I ever imagine reading this headline, “Vote ‘No’ on ill-considered marriage amendment” in the Morrison County Record Editorial Comment. How our culture has changed.

As a cradle Catholic, I was always taught that marriage is between a man and a woman. Words like gay, lesbian, same sex were never in my school vocabulary.

Only in my early adult life did  I consult with our parish priest as to the meaning of all this new lifestyle.

Father explained that same sex or homosexuality is a disorder, for which there is no explanation at this time. It’s just plain contrary to the natural law. We must respect them, have compassion and above all be sensitive to them.

I was discovering that I actually had close friends, that were battling this disorder — most not to their choosing. Father informed me that if they engage in sexual activity it’s a grave sin in the eyes of the church. But, they can gradually approach Christian perfection if they remain chaste.

Bottom line is under no circumstances can this lifestyle be approved as a marriage. I’ll vote “yes” come November, that marriage is only between a man and a woman.  — Frida Schmitt, Buckman