Two of five Motley City Council candidates share their views

To provide our readers with information to help them in their decision-making at the polls, the Record sent out a questionnaire to each of the candidates for the Motley City Council. Only candidates in races where the candidates outnumbered the seats available were sent questionnaires. In Motley, five candidates filed for two seats. Just two of the candidates responded to the questions we posed.

The candidates were asked to introduce themselves and to respond to the following questions. Each of the responses was limited to 100 words. Candidates were asked the following questions:

1) If local government aid (LGA) is reduced even further, or cut altogether,  what will you do to balance the city budget?

2) What will you do to bring more business and residents to your city?

3) What do you believe is the biggest issue facing the city now and in the future?

Duane Solga, Incumbent

Duane Solga

Introduction: Hello, my name is Duane Solga. I have a beautiful wife of 23 years who has given me two wonderful daughters and I am asking for your support for another term as a city council person for the residents of Motley. I currently own a business and reside in Motley and have for the past 10 years. My goals for the city are to help make it grow and to help keep its businesses, thus in the long run, keep our taxes low. But I need your help to do so and ask that you re-elect me.

Question 1: If  local government  aid (LGA) were to be reduced or cut altogether there would only be one thing to do to balance the city budget and that would be to make spending cuts in areas of the budget to offset our LGA losses, not to increase taxes to make up the difference.

Question 2: My reason for running for Council this term, as well as my previous term in 2009 through 2012, is to make changes in the city’s budget on how taxpayers’ dollars are spent. Even though in the last four years we, the Council, have made changes, I still feel we have a long, hard way to go. And in this day and age of a “small town” to make us competitive for the needed growth it takes to make it possible to add or even keep our businesses and residents is a challenge. Every small town in Minnesota is competing for growth to keep its town thriving. We need to make changes in our city to keep up with what it takes to draw in the people to choose Motley to build or buy a home in.  Because at the end of the day, as a business owner in Motley, I know it takes more and more people each year to come through a business’s door to keep them open and it takes more people to choose your town to build a home in to keep your taxes as low as possible.

Question 3: Our biggest issue facing our town is Question 2, because without great positive growth, it’s getting harder and harder for small towns to keep up, keep our taxes low and businesses to keep their doors open “period.”

Pat O’Regan, Candidate
My name is Pat O’Regan. My wife Marilyn and I have lived and worked in Motley for over 25 years. We are year-round residents and own and operate a small business in Motley. I am a graduate of the Blandin Community Leadership Program. I have six years experience serving on the Motley City Council; two years as councilman and four years as mayor. During all of the years I have lived here in Motley, I have continually worked in community service and with local non-profit organizations.

Question 1: If and when this should happen I would consider all the options available at that time and make a decision based on what would be in the best interest of the residents and businesses in Motley.

Question 2: I would start by making sure the city is doing all it can for the current residents and businesses. A happy and safe community is always more attractive to new businesses and families. More businesses will mean more employment opportunities which will help grow and build our community.

Question 3: The biggest issue facing the city of Motley is the uncertain direction of the economy and the impact it will have on our entire community. We need to provide the services the community needs while being mindful of the added tax burden this can put on the community. Providing necessary services and keeping taxes low will be my goal.

Keith Jares, Candidate
No response was received from this candidate. 

Bob Jenkins, Candidate
No response was received from this candidate.

Steve Johnson, Incumbent
No response was received from this candidate.