Welle will be an independent voice

To the Editor:

These past two years have seen more gridlock at the Legislature than we have ever had before, including the longest government shutdown in our state’s history. We desperately need legislators who will think for themselves instead of always following their political party leaders.

That’s why I am supporting Adrian Welle. He is not a typical politician. Don’t just take my word for it, go have a conversation with him. With all of the door-knocking he seems to be doing, I am sure you will get your chance.

Adrian Welle is down-to-earth and will bring a dose of common sense to the Legislature. He realizes that cooperation and compromise aren’t dirty words — they are necessary to actually get something done.

I believe that Adrian will fight for what is best for all of us in this district and in rural Minnesota, and he will not forget us. I know this for a fact.

If you think we should pick someone who will refreshingly work across the aisle to get something done, then vote with me for my grandson, Adrian Welle, for House District 9B. — Dawn Tetrick, Hillman