Wenzel forgot a couple of things

To the Editor:

I was astounded by Steve Wenzel’s letter in last week’s Record. Did Wenzel forget that he voted for pro-abortion speakers when he was in the Legislature?

Apparently Wenzel also forgot what he wrote in another letter to the editor March 9.

“I wish to express my strong disapproval of Sen. Paul Gazelka’s announcement that he is moving his residency from Brainerd to East Gull Lake for the sole purpose of seeking the Senate seat in District 9.”

“Gazelka’s decision violates the principles of representative democracy. His actions are blatantly political and self-serving.”

“It’s very important that the person elected to represent us have residency in the district.”

I agree with Wenzel. Al Doty has lived in this district over 40 years. Al understands us, because he’s one of us.

Gazelka apparently forgets also. Gazelka “forgot” his pledge to support pro-life legislation in 2011, getting only a 93 percent  voting score from MCCL. (Doty received 100 percent). Gazelka “forgot” his pledge to not raise taxes, when he voted to eliminate homestead credits and “forgot” to vote for a $19.5 million Camp Ripley project. Gazelka “forgot” that borrowed money doesn’t equal a surplus.

Gazelka can’t be trusted.

Vote for Al Doty. — Horst Hanneken, Pierz