Zylka cares about people and LF

To the Editor:

I believe that Greg Zylka would be a great City Council person because he cares about people. Three years ago, my sister Melissa was killed in a tragic car crash. Melissa’s students decided to plan a fundraiser to create a lifetime endowment fund in her honor. Melissa was a sign-language teacher in Brainerd and her students were unsure how to proceed.

Chris from the VFW offered them the facilities. Chris told them to go see Greg Zylka at Coborn’s because he had helped with other fundraisers. When I heard about the fundraiser, I wanted to be involved so I called the students and they said “We went to Coborn’s, and talked to Greg Zylka, and he said he would take care of everything. The food, the silent auction and the planning. We just needed to be there to work.”

I was floored. Greg didn’t even know my sister, myself or my family. So together. Greg and I did the whole benefit. He was there from start to finish giving me great advice. We became very good friends, and I love him very much. Some day I hope to be just like him in my community involvement and volunteerism. — Amanda Wooden, New Brighton, formerly of Little Falls