Pierz man charged with attempted murder

Kevin Edward Stuckmayer of Pierz, is currently being held in the Morrison County Jail in lieu of $300,000 bail. He has allegedly admitted to officers he tried to kill his wife Sept. 12.

Stuckmayer, 42, was charged in district court Oct. 16, with one felony count each of attempted premeditated murder in the first degree and first degree assault, causing great bodily harm.

On Oct. 12, Stuckmayer’s wife notified the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office that she had been hit in the head by her husband, Stuckmayer, at their residence.

During an interview with officers, the victim allegedly said Stuckmayer had asked her to help him in the shed Sept. 12. He asked her to pick up some bolts and as she bent over, she was hit in the head with a board and was knocked out.

When the victim came to, she said Stuckmayer was acting as though he was calling for help. He allegedly went into their house, leaving her in the shed.

Stuckmayer’s wife said she lay in the shed for about 40 minutes. While there, she managed to get to a phone and started to dial numbers. At that time, Stuckmayer came out of the house.

The victim was treated at St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls for a concussion, a sprained jaw and temporomandibular joint disorder.

It wasn’t until Oct. 12 that the victim confronted her husband. Stuckmayer allegedly admitted to her he was having an affair and that he had hit her on the head with a board, trying to kill her.

A sheriff’s deputy interviewed Stuckmayer Oct. 12. According to the criminal complaint, he admitted hitting his wife with a board.

“I took a 5-foot piece of 2-inch by 6-inch (wood) and just whacked her on the head,” he allegedly said.

The report also said Stuckmayer planned the assault with the intent of killing his wife. He allegedly said he wanted to hit her on the front of the head, but hit her on the back of her head instead.

Stuckmayer also told police he pretended to call 911 and left his wife outside for 20 minutes while he went into the house. When he saw her on the phone he pretended to faint and when she was taken to the hospital, he cried because she wasn’t dead.

Stuckmayer told doctors his wife had been hit in the head by a falling board.

According to the criminal complaint, the deputy talked to several witnesses who said Stuckmayer had told them about the plan to kill his wife.

If convicted, Stuckmayer faces a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment and/or a $30,000 fine.