Al Doty came through for us

To the Editor:

In just two terms, Al Doty accomplished what some would have taken many more years to do.

He authored two big projects at Camp Ripley; bringing millions in construction money for local contractors.

He added funding to Pine Grove Zoo to help them become accredited.

He wrote small bills to allow the Little Falls City Council to lower its salary, collect local tax and not be restricted in their use of Linden Hill.

And Doty made the Camp Ripley/Veterans State Trail as a state-authorized trail in record time. Unfortunately, Gov. Pawlenty’s veto took away $2 million of planning and construction money or we’d already be using parts of that trail. That trail will be a tremendous economic boost for this area, and we’ll have Al Doty to thank.

Al’s bills made it easier for our veterans and their families through survivor’s benefits, the Yellow Ribbon program and other reintegration efforts.

Senior citizens were helped with Doty bills expanding senior property tax relief, nursing home and assisted living funding.

If you check online: db/fulldetail.aspx?ID=15224 you’ll see that Al Doty really came through for our area.

He’s one of us; he’ll represent us well again.  Vote Al Doty for state Senate. — Eileen Brausen, Pierz