DNR says everyone should have wilderness survival skills

Courtesy of the Minnesota DNR


Anyone enjoying the outdoors should know the basic rules of wilderness survival, said Capt. Mike Hammer, Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Enforcement Education Program coordinator.

Panic is the biggest enemy if someone gets lost in the woods. Hammer said the acronym “STOP” could save a person’s life:

Sit: Collect your thoughts and realize that you are not lost; you just can’t find your camp or vehicle;

Think: What do I have at my disposal both physical and mental that can help me in this situation? Inventory your survival kit and start to develop a plan;

Observe: Look around, for shelter, water, an open area where searchers could see you; and

Plan: Create a plan of action. Pick a spot that you can build a fire for heat and signaling. In addition, can the spot provide basic shelter?