Gosiak is a man of character

To the Editor:

I have known Frank Gosiak for many years and would like to give my opinion concerning his re-election. I feel the best test that a community can judge a candidate by is their character — more specifically, true character both before and during a term in office.

In this aspect, I respect the character of Frank Gosiak who has helped his community both as a citizen and a councilman. I believe he has more than proven himself as an avid citizen. Through his countless volunteer hours in the city and his involvement in youth and city projects, I strongly believe that Frank has shown positive intentions to help the city. As a councilman, he retained his good character that he developed as a citizen, and used it as a councilman for the past four years.

I strongly urge you, the citizens, to see the good Councilman Gosiak has done for Little Falls and what he can do if given another term in office. His experience with the current issues involving Little Falls is firsthand, something the other candidates are unable to say. My belief is that the best option to represent Little Falls is someone who has proven themselves time and time again. This man is Frank Gosiak. — Laura Poppen, Royalton