Homestead credit didn’t work

To the Editor:

Let’s get some facts straight about the repeal of the Homestead Market Value Credit (HMVC). First, the increases in property taxes this year was due to valuation increases and decreases as the entire real estate market fluctuated with the unstable economy. Regardless of who held the majority in the state Legislature, Democrats or Republicans, property taxes would have increased.

Second, this Homestead Market Value Credit didn’t work. The League of Minnesota Cities, Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities and other organizations testified before the Legislature supporting its repeal because it clearly wasn’t working since Minnesota could only afford to fund it fully once in its 10-year existence, causing budgeting hardships for local governments year after year.

Third, Democrats constantly attack Republicans for repealing the Market Value Credit, but in 2007, HF 2294 was supported by Al Doty and passed by the DFL controlled legislature, a bill to fully repeal the Homestead Market Value Credit. Included in it were several additional proposed tax increases: Doty not only voted for this bill, he voted to override Gov. Pawlenty’s veto.

Remember, a vote for Democrat Al Doty is a vote for tax increases and big government. I’m voting for Paul Gazelka for state Senate. — David Morisette, Little Falls