Kresha ready for a tough fight

To the Editor:

Ron Kresha has an MBA, finance/accounting; a bachelor of science and teaching certificate in English language arts. He taught in the Pierz district for a number of years before leaving teaching and becoming a small businessman. He’s a strong supporter of schools.

One thing he would like to change as our state representative is to do away with the funding inequity between metro and rural schools. He knows it will be a tough fight, but he feels it’s extremely important. Some figures suggest the metro schools are getting an extra $4,000 to $5,000 per student. He feel’s that’s just not right.

We need our schools to be around because they are the cohesion of our communities. Fairness in funding will allow schools to hire the teachers needed and to dedicate resources and talents in the best interests of the students. Our children deserve the very best education possible.

Kresha feels that his depth and breadth of experience in education and teaching will help him do his job in St. Paul. He also has experience on school boards and parish councils. All of this experience will help him better perform his job for our good.

We need him in St. Paul. — Patty Commerford, Royalton