Senior Center did not host forum

To the Editor:

Lets’ be clear. The Senior Center did not host the Senior Center candidate forum. The host and hostess did. I believe no vote was taken by the Board to host this event. Could any member of the Senior Center host an event at the center, without the Board’s vote, or is this privilege afforded only to some?

I believe Don Klinker was personally invited by the host, as he stated so in a working session. A host should have called city hall. All the mayor had to do to protect the city from public suspicion, would have been to inform the administrator of the meeting when she was asked by the hostess to introduce the candidates.

The interim administrator has advised numerous times, that if four or five members will possibly attend any meeting, it should be added to the city meetings list.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis, hosts of the Senior Center candidate forum, were both formerly appointed by Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem to serve on the Environmental and Energy Committee. Both were voting members of that committee at the same time. Is this acceptable policy?

I’m very supportive of senior citizens being informed of any and all local issues. — Robin Hensel, Little Falls