‘Trickle down’ plan doesn’t work

To the Editor:

Income inequality slows growth. We now have that in large measure.

The Democratic plan is “middle out” and the Republican plan is “trickle down,” and the “trickle down” strategy clearly has not worked.

I read the evidence in a recent Morning Star report from my financial adviser: It stated the following basic facts. From 1926 to 2011, the Democrats and Republicans equally controlled the Oval Office, each for 43 years. In that period, the Standard and Poor’s (S & P) 500 annual returns were 14.9 percent with a Democrat in office and 8.6 percent with a Republican in office. That is a 6.3 percent difference in favor of the Democrats.

It begs the question: Is the Republican Party really the pro-business party? Consider the facts when you go to the polls. — Dick Culshaw, Little Falls