Little Falls school bus overturns Thursday morning

Some students sent to the hospital, all released

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office reported that Thursday morning, at about 7:20 a.m., a bus, transporting 15 students to school, slid on a curve and tipped onto its side.

The bus, operated by the Palmer Bus Company, was traveling north on Iris Road when the incident occurred. No major injuries were reported, but four students were taken by ambulance to St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls to be checked out. Later, two more students were also taken by ambulance to St. Gabriel’s to check out possible injuries.

The students were either of elementary or middle school age.

“The students not taken to the hospital were taken to the Little Falls Community Middle School to meet with district personnel and to speak with their parents,” said Superintendent Stephen Jones. “Some students remained in school for the rest of the day and some went home.”

The initial investigation did not show any alcohol use or impairment of the bus driver. The Minnesota State Patrol assisted at the scene and will be reconstructing the accident.