Anti-gay column used tired arguments

To the Editor:

Pat and Andy — They’ve been together long enough to finish each other’s sentences. They come home each day, make dinner together, then relax in front of the TV. Maybe they argue about the trash or cleaning the toilet. Sometimes they go to bed angry at each other. But for each, the concept of home is wherever the other is. Pretty typical.

So what does it matter if it’s Patrick and Andrea, or Patrick and Andrew, or Patricia and Andrea? A column last week dragged out the same tired arguments that gay marriage will negatively affect children, with nothing to back up the claim.  Others say it’s a threat to “traditional marriage,” but offer no further details on why.

How can a marriage be threatened by another couple’s happiness. Some confuse the honest love of marriage with the lust of pedophilia and incest. There are those who believe they can speak for God, as if God doesn’t know someone is gay long before we do.

Love is love, and all true love comes from God. I can’t imagine God someday telling me I was too open and accepting. I’m voting “no” and encourage all supporters of love to do the same. — David Hoadley, Little Falls