Democrats need to wake up

To the Editor:

The Democratic Party just does not get it. A fetus is not a blob of tissue, and it is not a potential human being. It is a human being from conception with potential.

Two, the unborn is not a part of the mother’s body. It is a completely separate person.

Three, it is wrong, morally wrong, in fact it is barbaric to kill unborn children.

Four, the right to choose means the right to kill and no one should have that right.

Five, it is perfectly proper for the government to protect the innocent and helpless and that is what the unborn child is. While choice means death, adoption means life.

Six, before the Civil War people also had a right they had to give up, just like today. Then it was slavery; today it is abortion.

Wake up Obama, Klobuchar, Franken, Nolan, Doty and Morrison County (DFL)Chair  Roman Witucki. We need to give life a chance. That is what America is all about, not claiming my own freedom at the expense of another’s life. — Fred Festler, Little Falls