Follow your heart on amendment votes

To the Editor:

As Webster’s dictionary defines it, a democracy is: A form of government exercised either directly by the people or through their elected representatives; rule by the majority; the practice of legal, political or social equality.”

You are now seeing ads on the television saying that our constitution is supposed to protect our freedoms and that the government should not tell us how it should be.

In the 24 years I have been able to vote, I do not remember a time when I was able to tell my state government how it should be, and I am proud to finally be able to do that.

Yes, by now you have probably figured out that this pertains to the Marriage and Voter ID amendments.

I have already voted by absentee ballot, but will not tell you how I have voted, because that is between me and the voting process.

What I will say is that when you go to the voting booth, you disregard all ads, positive or negative, and vote what your heart tells you to. You are going to be a part of our free democracy, and that is how it should be. — William Hollerman, Little Falls