Gazelka kept his pay, broke his promises

To the Editor:

Paul Gazelka said in the May 23, 2011, Brainerd Dispatch that he would not take his pay in a government shutdown.

What happened? The government shut down and Gazelka took his pay and benefits. Here’s the total of Gazelka’s benefits for 2011: Per diem $12,040; mileage/travel $3,022.56; lodging $13,200; and other $625.

Gazelka’s total benefits: $28,887.56, plus insurance, plus $31,140 salary.

The maximum per diem allowed is $12,040. Gazelka took per diem all seven days a week to get that amount. Al Doty only asked for five days out of respect for the taxpayers of his district.

Gazelka broke other promises, too. He signed the “no new taxes” pledge, then voted to eliminate homestead credit. The result of Gazelka’s vote was to raise rural property taxes higher than metro areas.

Gazelka signed a pledge to support “all” MCCL legislation. Gazelka received a 93 percent voting score from MCCL, not 100 percent like Doty received.

Gazelka campaigned to create jobs here. But Gazelka voted against $19.5 million Camp Ripley project.

Gazelka moved to District 9 in April,  Doty has lived here more than 40 years.

Gazelka made many campaign promises, to outside groups and to us. Gazelka broke them. We can’t trust Gazelka. Elect Doty. — Roman Witucki, Little Falls