Hensel encourages dialogue, democracy

To the Editor:

I am writing to share my thoughts about Robin Hensel, as well as to encourage additional dialogue. The residents of Little Falls are aware that Robin Hensel is running for City Council, and I would venture to say that many in Little Falls think of Robin as the “crazy lady” who is involved in a lawsuit with the city; take a closer look.

Robin and I share a number of core values. For instance, we believe in inclusiveness and basic human rights. We believe that everyone should have equal rights under the law, and that is in part what her lawsuit is about.

We believe that continuing down the path of militarism is sounding the death knell for our country, our young men and women and the countless numbers of “collateral” casualties. The military budget would be better spent on our many broken domestic issues.

Robin’s willingness to speak up on unpopular issues is refreshing. She has “spunk” and she has sparked conversation between adversaries and compatriots alike. Robin Hensel has a strong moral compass, and she is a voice for bringing all voices to the table; isn’t that what a democracy should do? — Retha Dooley, Sauk Centre