Many changes at LCC are positive

To the Editor:

Not all union employees of Lutheran Care Center (LCC) and Bridgeway Estates agree with the recent United Steelworkers ad. Many are upset that churches and businesses are being picketed.

The union president and vice president don’t work here and don’t have a true understanding of what is going on. Employees recently received a raise even though “union people” have repeatedly prevented the long-due increases.

Staff are trained on resident care and those who don’t follow rules are subject to many steps of discipline before termination. Tape recording meetings is legal and protects all parties.

I would like to send the message to our volunteers that none of them have ever replaced any paid job. We thank you for your dedication to our residents.

A workable attendance policy is now in place and workers who repeatedly call in are held accountable.

Affordable insurance is being researched and no eligible employee will be denied.

LCC has served this community for 46 years. As an employee of 29 years and the first union president, I have seen many positive changes in the past year and want to be sure that residents get the care they deserve. — Brenda Bonebrake, Little Falls