Moral principles are basis of this country

To the Editor:

God does not approve of extra-marital affairs or fornication and God does not approve of homosexual acts. What God teaches is marriage and bodily union between a male and female.

The position of “Minnesotans United for All Families,” does not speak for my family or myself and may even divide it. What they want is a “no” vote on the “marriage amendment.” This will, in time, bring cases to court against Christians such as myself, accusing us of hate crimes or bigotry because we refuse to serve homosexual lifestyles.

This nation became great because being united on moral principles based on God’s laws in the Bible was a deep held conviction.

We have to get back to teaching more about God’s ways on sexuality, or we will continue to destroy this nation we so love. God is love. Vote “yes” on the marriage amendment. — Kathy Festler, Little Falls