Motorists be cautious of dogs, deer

To the Editor:

I am writing as a member of ASPC.

In the spring, my collie, who is AKC and a trained sheep dog, was hit on a township road.

I had a friend and neighbor that told me you can travel on the road at 55 mph even though it’s a dead end road of not quite one mile long and is even gravel.

I tried to phone and wrote the township board to post a slow sign, private access sign or a speed sign of 30 mph. Both the Benton and Morrison Board refused because of cost. And it’s a public gravel road, and I am a taxpayer.

A dog or deer deserve respect, too, and occasionally decide to take a leak on a gravel road.

So many dumb drivers think this means step on the gas pedal and not the brake and blow their horn to give them a chance. The road is public access to them, too, and it was not even hunting season.

You cannot hunt a deer on a public road. Why hurt or kill a dog on or off a road? — Josephine F. Deneen, Pierz