Romney’s plan will spur economy

To the Editor:

Mitt Romney has proposed a series of tax cuts, with changes to deductions and closing loopholes in the federal tax code.

The problem in the federal budget and deficits is a rather simple one. There are too many people riding in the wagon and not enough horses pulling it.

Mitt Romney knows that the solution is not to make those horses pull harder by raising taxes on them. The solution is to reduce regulation and red tape to spur the economy so that some of the riders get out and start pulling.

When people are working, they pay income taxes. When they have the money, they buy things, which in turn creates jobs for others. When they build a new house, they create jobs for others and increase state tax revenues because they pay property tax.

We need to get able-bodied people, the currently unemployed, young people just out of school, etc. into the workforce and give them an opportunity to prosper. And if they prosper, the government will prosper, too.

If you increase family incomes, you will increase tax revenues. Mitt Romney understands that that is the way to balance the budget. — Aleta Edin, Burtrum