Say ‘no’ to Tea Party candidates

To the Editor:

On July 12, a Tea Party Rally was held in Browerville. Keynote speaker Curtis Bowers is most notable for two things; writing a book that makes the U.S. sound like a failure, and his own failure to be elected to a state legislature he was appointed to. He’s not the reason I’m writing this.

Also speaking at that meeting: Mary Franzen, Paul Gazelka, Ron Kresha and Mark Anderson.

Franzen is the right-winger who was redistricted out of Todd County, Gazelka is the right-winger who moved so he could run in this district, Kresha and Anderson are right-wingers who came to this meeting to get the support of those who believe in helping our country fail.

Franzen is somebody else’s problem now; let them be embarrassed and, hopefully, vote her out.

Gazelka, Kresha and Anderson are our problems now. But we can solve those problems. We can elect people who will compromise, not coerce and confront.

We can elect people who will represent us, not big outside money that’s funding Tea Party candidates. We can elect leaders that will make us proud, not embarrassed.

Vote “no” on Gazelka, Kresha and Anderson. Vote “yes” to Doty, Welle and Niles. — Alan Perish, Browerville