Too many retired teachers on LF Board

To the Editor:

In the Oct. 7 Record, the candidates for the Little Falls School Board answered the questionnaire the Record provided. It is very important that the public be fully informed so that the Little Falls schools will have board members who reflect the values of the community and who are fiscally responsible.

When I read through the questionnaire, I had not realized the Little Falls School Board already has three board members who are retired public school teachers. A fourth retired teacher is also a candidate in the current election. Two of these current school board members, Cathy Adamek and Jay Spillum, are candidates for re-election. Current school board member Brad Laager is also a retired teacher.

School board members should come from a variety of backgrounds and community experience. In many ways, it can be a conflict of interest for retired public school teachers to serve on the school boards. How will they vote on teacher pension issues? How will they vote on contract negotiations and wage increases demanded by the public school teachers union?

The current Little Falls School Board voted in 2011 for a generous wage increase in a contract for the teachers. The conflict of interest is obvious. — Clara Kedrowski, Little Falls