Vote for a candidate who supports life

To the Editor:

Where do our legislative candidates stand on the pro-life issue? That’s very important to me and many others.

Ron Kresha is a candidate in the district. He’s a good, faithful Catholic who is strong in his faith and very pro-life. He received a perfect rating on the MCCL pro-life survey sent to all legislative candidates. He will vote for pro-life legislation.

Over the years, the Legislature has passed many MCCL supported laws that protect human life before and after birth, provide life-saving information to women considering an abortion, abortion reporting requirements and other life saving laws. Kresha will vote against any attempt to weaken or rescind these laws. He’ll also vote to limit and/or prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion in Minnesota.

He believes the state should provide protection for embryonic humans against biological research like human cloning and embryonic stem cell research which can harm or kill the unborn child. He supports laws to protect vulnerable Minnesotans and those near the end of their lives which includes laws against assisted suicide.

In other words, Ron Kresha will work to protect human life from conception to natural death. — Shirley Wielinski, Little Falls