Will Klobuchar ever answer questions?

To the Editor:

On Oct. 21, the ECM Editorial Board said of Amy Klobuchar, “We heartily endorse the first-term Democrat in her race. …” I have written letters to the Record, the St. Cloud paper and the Minneapolis Tribune, asking Amy Klobuchar to answer a few questions for her constituents. She has never responded.

Maybe the ECM Editorial Board can convince Amy to answer these questions prior to the November election. I am sure that many would like to know (1) Why did Amy vote against the Xcel pipe line which would have created 120,000 jobs, improve our energy independence and our world security? (2) Why did Amy vote to take $.716 trillion from seniors on Medicare to fund Obamacare? (3) Why did Amy vote to have Minnesota taxpayers pay state taxes for Nebraska and Louisiana? (4) Why did Amy vote to force the Catholic Church to go against its beliefs and practices? (5) Why did Amy vote to raise $28 billion in new taxes on medical devices? Before she tried to reduce the $28 billion, she voted for it.

I suspect that the ECM Editorial Board will not ask Amy to respond to this letter, but I had to try one last time. Frankly, I like what the ECM Editorial Board said about Kurt Bills having a keen sense of economics and a laser focus on reducing the national debt. I think we need more of that and less of the pork barrel/crony capitalism of the past four years. — Thomas E. Paulson, Little Falls