Zylka cares about city’s well-being

To the Editor:

I have known Greg Zylka since high school, and while many classmates left, Greg stayed and committed to his community. He “saw” and “sees” a bright future for small town America; the heart and soul of our country. All one has to do is look at Greg’s involvement on many issues.

He cares about the community’s economic well-being, educational opportunities and the health of its citizens. Back in high school, he staged a “support our troops” rally at a time when anti-Vietnam sentiment was rampant. He saw beyond and knew the right thing to do was show support for those directly involved and feeling the pain of rejection.

Fast forward to today: During Greg’s watch at Coborn’s, hundreds of people have been employed, many of them young people in the community. How many of you remember your first job and how important it was? A first step in becoming a responsible adult and a contributing member of society began with that job and a good mentor. Greg serves in that role enthusiastically and responsibly.

Greg will bring his experience and compassion to city hall, continuing his commitment with passion for a bright future here in Little Falls. — Charles Gilbert Kapsner, Little Falls