Zylka has wisdom, foresight

To the Editor:

We are a fairly new family in the Little Falls area; we moved here in 1990. Our children were fortunate to graduate from the school district. During this time, I have been blessed to have worked with some truly outstanding people.

Greg Zylka is one who comes to mind immediately.

He is a leader, by definition someone whom people choose to follow. He has wisdom, foresight; he has demonstrated compassion for others. I have worked with Greg on several significant concerns (tornado damage, flood recovery, general Chamber and United Way initiatives). He has a keen intuitive sense of problem solving and corrective steps.

In any group Greg has been connected with, he has raised consciousness and improved quality of work. He will do this within the Little Falls City Council; elect him and the pool of wisdom suddenly deepens. The quality of decisions will improve and our city will find itself on a high road. Greg is a leader for positive change, a magnet for like-minded thinkers. Please vote for him. — Ted Pfohl, Little Falls