Zylka is a proven community builder

To the Editor:

Little Falls is in the envious position of having one of its long-time citizens, Greg Zylka, file for a City Council seat in Ward 2.

Greg is a community builder, team leader and has a passion for the community of Little Falls. He has proven this by his actions. He leads by example whether as the board chair of the Morrison County United Way, as a former school board member or as the manager of Coborn’s, to name a few.

I have had the privilege of serving with Greg in some of these community roles so I know firsthand the positive impact he would bring to the city.

Little Falls is in a great position to add proven leadership to its group of city leaders. Greg will lead by example and help to eliminate all the current drama so the city can get back to business instead of focusing on the lack of common sense from a few.

We have a tremendous opportunity before us as citizens of Little Falls to make our city stronger. I hope you will do your part in voting for Greg Zylka for City Council. — Doug Dahlberg, Little Falls