Minnesotans can register to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6

The Office of the Secretary of State is reminding Minnesotans who are not registered to vote at their current address that they can still register at their polling place on Election Day, Nov. 6.

“Minnesotans should use the online Voter Registration Lookup at www.mnvotes.org to see if their registration is current,” said Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.  “Voters who are already registered to vote at their address do not need to bring additional documentation with them to their polling place.  However, eligible voters who plan to register on Election Day must provide proof of residence.  Voters should decide now which documents they will need on Election Day to register at the polls.”

State law requires an eligible voter to be registered at their current address before they are allowed to vote.  Voters need to re-register if they change their names, do not vote for four years, or when they move, even if it is between apartments in the same building.

Minnesota allows for voter registration on Election Day as long as proper proof of residence is provided.  Accepted proofs of residence include:

• A valid Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota ID card, or drivers permit with current address or yellow receipt for any of these;

• A photo ID that does not have your current address along with a document that does have your current address:

– Eligible photo IDs: Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota ID card, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID card, Minnesota college/university student ID card, or tribal ID with the voter’s signature issued by a tribe recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

– Eligible documents with current address: current student fee statement, an original utility bill due 30 days before or after the election, or a rent statement that shows utility expenses. Eligible utility bills:  gas, electric, solid waste, water, sewer, phone, cell phone, television or internet service provider. Bills may be paper or electronic.

• A student ID card that includes your photo (valid if your college/university provided a student housing list to election officials);

• A tribal ID card containing your name, current address, signature and photo (tribe must be recognized by the BIA);

• A “Notice of Late Registration” you receive from your county auditor or city clerk; or

• The sworn oath of another registered voter in the precinct or of an employee of a residential facility.

“I encourage voters to go online to check their voter registration status before Election Day so that they know if they need to bring additional information with them to their polling location on Nov. 6,” said Ritchie. Candidate, ballot question and polling location information is also available on www.mnvotes.org.