Al Doty is the best choice for Senate

To the Editor:

We need a state senator who has worked for us.

For senior citizens, Al Doty’s senior advocate experience is huge. Al expanded the senior property tax deferral program and fought for programs to keep seniors in their own homes longer.

For veterans, Al Doty proudly served on all House veterans committees. Al wrote several bills helping veterans and their families. Al’s work improved the Yellow Ribbon program and other needed programs for our military, along with several Camp Ripley projects.

For farmers, Al Doty served on all House ag committees. His bills and votes were always to protect our family farms. Al grew up on a farm; he’s lived in our area and his wife’s family farms are here. Al knows our farm families are the customers for our local small businesses and the members of our schools, churches and organizations.

For our local economy, Al Doty will work to restore the property tax homestead credit this past Legislature destroyed. Al has voted to reduce our property taxes before; he’ll do that again for us.

For everyone, Al Doty considers all sides on issues. Al has lived here over 40 years. He’s a proven leader we can trust. Elect Al Doty. — LaVerne Hempeck, Little Falls