Doty: Always here when we need him

To the Editor:

There’s one easy choice on the ballot this time. Al Doty has lived in this district for over 40 years after he first came here to teach and coach wrestling. Al liked the people and the area, and he stayed.

During his time here, Al helped start Faith Community Church, the Rich Prairie Jaycees, the Pierz Fish Lake Property Owners Association and the Pierz Federation of Teachers. He served on numerous committees and boards, many of which helped our senior citizens.

The point is, Al Doty has been there for this area when we needed him. He worked well with others to get things done.

When Al Doty was senior advocate, he always took that extra time to follow up with the senior citizens he helped, and I know he still visits many of them long after his job ended.

We have a chance now to put Al Doty in St. Paul to represent us. What better qualifications than someone who’s been a lifelong district resident; who has been a worker and a leader in our area, who knows us, and wants to continue serving us.

Al Doty is one of us; we can trust him. Elect Al Doty. — Mary Krueger, Royalton