Fight for your principles by voting

To the Editor:

My husband, Kurt Bills, is running for the U.S. Senate. I do not want to bring up issues, just challenge you.

We’ve never been a political family or had aspirations to run for an elected office.

I’m a licensed home child care provider, and Kurt is an economics teacher. However, involvement in government and political affairs isn’t someone else’s job. It’s our right and responsibility.

That’s how it began. Kurt became increasingly frustrated with decisions made in Washington and our mounting debt and decided to do something about it — leading him to the City Council, House of Representatives and now running for the U.S. Senate.

Traveling the state these past eight months, I’ve learned a lot and have become more motivated with each day. Meeting people who have lost their homes, are struggling to keep businesses alive, trying to find a job to support their family, concerned about the debt and economy or hoping to retire, our young people wondering about their future has made me passionate about change needed in Washington.

Whatever you believe, I encourage you to respectfully fight for those principles. You must be informed about the issues and candidates and exercise your right to vote.  — Cindy Bills, Rosemount