Gazelka’s pro-life support is proven

To the Editor:

This election year, I’ll be voting pro-life. I’m voting for Paul Gazelka.

A recent letter indicated Sen. Gazelka and many others who previously had 100 percent voting records received a 94 percent because of one shutdown vote. In 2009, the Legislature had passed a two-year ban on taxpayer funding of human cloning research. In 2011, the Legislature first passed a higher ed bill that continued that ban, but Dayton vetoed it. When the agreement to end the shutdown was made, House and Senate leadership agreed to remove the continuation of the ban from the higher ed bill.

With that said, in just two years Sen. Gazelka supported seven separate pro-life provisions — all vetoed by Dayton. He authored bills prohibiting Webcam abortions by requiring that a doctor be physically present when administering an abortion-inducing drug, eliminating taxpayer-funded abortions, banning human cloning research, banning taxpayer-funded cloning research, concerning the pain-capable unborn child protection act, prohibiting taxpayer funds to subsidize abortion providers and licensing and inspecting of abortion providers.

In January, enduring the cold and freezing rain along with 4,000 pro-life supporters, Sen. Gazelka  attended the 2012 March for Life. Each year, he attended the pro-life dinner sponsored by Morrison County Chapter of MCCL. — Tina Wheeler, chair of Morrison County Chapter of MCCL, Little Falls