Good reasons to vote ‘Yes’ to marriage

To the Editor:

Marriage is best for children. Professional social science proves that kids do best in all aspects when raised by their mom and dad.

It’s best economically. Four of the top five states in GDP growth have marriage amendments. Five of the six states that have gay marriage are in the 15 states with the worst business environment for small business.

It’s what Americans want — 31 of 31 states, including California, have voted to uphold traditional marriage. You’re not a ‘homophobic bigoted hate monger” because you want to protect marriage.

Not supporting traditional marriage (by redefining or undermining it) results in expanded welfare services. (Economist Benjamin Scafidi).

It’s not about individual rights to love who you want — you already have that. Very few of the less than 4 percent of gay people in the U.S. express a desire to marry.

The intention of the amendment is not to discriminate against two people who love each other anymore than our current law’s intention is to discriminate against siblings, cousins, young teens, already married people and others who are not allowed to marry.

The current law is best for society and children, and there are lots of good reasons to uphold it. Vote “Yes.” — Ruby Toenies, Randall