Hensel is a leader, deserves support

To the Editor:

I support Robin Hensel because she demonstrates that each of us can have an impact. Her commitment to free speech and a peaceful world is an inspiration to me.

How does a retiree from Sauk Centre come to know of Robin Hensel? I confess I can’t remember how. I do remember someone telling me that a citizen in Little Falls was doing battle with the city over political signs that the city wanted to eliminate. I wondered why. I drove by. Still wonder.

Because of Ms. Hensel, I attended a demonstration against the use of drones and the secret decisions by Obama on who to kill and when to kill them. Imagine being at a wedding and getting maimed because Obama decided to kill someone he suspected might be a terrorist; everyone at the wedding dies? I know drones can be used for legitimate reasons. We should have a public policy on when and where to use them. If they can help troops in the field who are under attack, I’m all for it. Killing a suspected terrorist at a wedding — not so much.

If you live in Little Falls, you should support Robin Hensel for City Council and be grateful for the discussion of free speech and drone capability that she has illuminated. She is a leader, and I’m glad someone raises issues that the right wingers object to discussing. — Herbert A. Davis Jr., Sauk Centre