Hensel understands city’s issues

To the Editor:

I have known Robin Hensel for 20 years. It is without reservation that I recommend her for the position of councilwoman. Robin is the epitome of fairness, justice and compassion. She is walking the walk to which she feels she has been called.

I have seen her go out of her way to help less fortunate members of the Little Falls community. She has provided foster care for children with numerous physical and psychological problems; children that had so many difficulties that some providers refused to care for them. These children thrived with her nurturance and guidance.

Also, I have seen Robin reach out and help differently-abled adults in the community. It is because she is filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness that she is able to provide this care.

Robin understands the problems facing Little Falls in these difficult economic times. She brings these problems out into the light in order to inform all members of the community.

I have seen Robin’s character being maligned and attacked by people that oppose what she is doing. She has never stooped to the level of those that oppose her but has the determination to stick to her belief in fairness and justice. Robin’s character is beyond reproach. — Juanita Bruemmer, St. Joseph