Kresha will work to get things done

To the Editor:

Ron Kresha believes in bringing people together to get things done. As our state representative, he will use his 20 years of small business experience to help grow our economy and create the jobs our state needs. He’ll work to make our good schools even better and work in a cooperative manner to move our state forward.

Kresha will stand up for farmers and the agribusiness industry. He’ll speak out against excessive rule and over-regulation of agriculture. He’ll put his small business experience to work to grow our economy and keep main street strong.

For senior citizens, he supports ensuring personal choice and access to quality health care; limiting property tax increases so seniors are not forced from their homes and cracking down on those who commit identity theft and other crimes targeting seniors.

Ron Kresha is strongly pro-life and pro-family and believes that all life (conception to natural death) deserves the dignity and protection of our communities. He supports the constitutional rights of citizens, business owners and property owners and opposes attempts by government to infringe on those rights. He also supports preserving our hunting and conservation traditions for our sons and daughters.

Vote Ron Kresha, Nov. 6. — Tom Hanowski, Little Falls