Let’s work together to help District 9B

To the Editor:

In the last eight months it has not only been an honor, but also a privilege to meet with the great residents of Morrison and Todd counties. I have enjoyed attending parades, church events, county fairs and hearing your concerns. It would further be an honor to represent the residents of House District 9B as their state representative.

This election is not about what is best for me, what party you belong to or special interests politicians represent. This election is about us. It is about the rural way of life and the values of rural Minnesota. I cannot do this alone; we need to do this together.

I have spent my entire life in this district and believe that I am the strongest candidate to fight for us. I live here, I work here and I play here. This is home and always will be. We need a representative who understands us, knows us and believes in us.

As your friend and neighbor, I respectfully ask for your vote Nov. 6, so that we can work together to fight for and protect our rural way of life. — Adrian Welle, candidate for House District 9B, Pierz