Mike LeMieur for school board

To the Editor:

I would like to extend my support for Mike LeMieur for Little Falls School Board. I have known Mike for most of my life, at least 30 years of it, and have found him to be a great steward for our wonderful community. The strength in our community lies with having a strong, vibrant, accountable, yet approachable school system.

Our schools are second to none, and our board needs to have a community leader like Mike LeMieur representing us. Mike is a small business owner, has been a city council member, a legislator; but most of all, Mike is a parent of three school-age children.

His ability to understand funding, making sure our rural schools get fair and equitable resources, would be a great asset for our district. When you think of someone that is respectful, responsible, accountable and hard working, I think of Mike LeMieur.

Let’s keep our community strong; let’s keep our schools strong. Let’s put a blue collar guy, that’s one of us, to work for us.

Vote Mike LeMieur for School Board. — Tom Miller, Little Falls