No matter which two, marriage is marriage

To the Editor:

The more some people have, the stingier they get. People who, since the dawn of time, have had the right to marry any opposite-sex person they choose are climbing all over each other to make sure same-sex sweethearts can’t ever get in on that. Why? If they can get married, do you think your marriage will suffer? Will you be less married, somehow?

Is opposite-sex marriage (self-described as sacred and God-ordained) actually so fragile and corrupt that allowing same-sex wedlock would bring marriage itself down with a mighty crash and turn thousands of years of holy matrimony into so much dust?

If marriage is what marriage has always said it was — proper, pure and inviolate — nothing could diminish it; but if extending the right to marry — before God — to the folks who have always been shut out of it destroys marriage as a sacrament, then it’s been a sham all along, and every husband and wife on earth has been in on the con.

Vote “No” on the marriage amendment. — Theresa Skorseth, Little Falls