Teachers on LF School Board are assets

To the Editor:

I would have never thought I’d write a letter like this when I became involved in passing the referendum nine years ago and subsequently being on the Little Falls School Board for eight years. I only wanted to bring fiscal responsibility back to the district, and I thought all other facets of the district were trivial. I was so ignorant of the task that lay ahead of me. I slowly dropped my assumptions of what was happening in our district and began to realize what was really happening in our district. (An explanation is beyond the 200 word limit.)

Yes there are teachers on the school board. I only wish that people knew the facts — such as the fact there was “no” increase in teachers’ salaries for inflation for the 2011-2012 year, even though an Oct. 28 letter stated, “that the current LF School Board voted in 2011 for a generous wage increase for the teachers.” In fact, the contract was voted on in March 2012 after five months of negotiations.

Teachers actually bring balance to the board, not conflict of interest. They know our kids better than most. — Robert Stoltman, lead negotiator for the Little Falls School Board, Little Falls