Vote Doty for honest, down-home values

To the Editor:

With another political campaign almost over, we want to commend Al Doty for his diligence, work ethic and determination in his effort to win the State Senate seat for District 9.

His continued commitment to his constituents, his honesty, foresight, common sense approach and traditional down home values are characteristics he has shown his entire life.

Al Doty has been a close family friend for almost 40 years. He has been kind, caring, compassionate and self-sacrificing for his students, fellow teachers and friends. He has nobly assisted senior citizens as their advocate over the past 10 years.

In his term as state representative he has done exceedingly well for his constituents, the residents of this district. His legislation has always put us first. Al has the decency to answer his constituents’ concerns quickly and honestly.

His focus on our district’s farmers, small businessmen, middle-class working people and military families make him far and away the best candidate for the District 9 Senate seat.

We need an independent, intelligent, knowledgeable individual representing us. His grasp of key issues and his common sense, real-life solutions are needed in St. Paul. Vote Al Doty for Senate District 9. — Janet Hanneken, Buckman