Most polling places open at 7 a.m., Tuesday

Most voters will head  to the polls Tuesday, except those who were able to vote by mail. Voters able to vote by mail included residents in the cities of Bowlus, Buckman, Elmdale, Flensburg, Harding, Hillman, Lastrup, Motley, Sobieski and Swanville and in the townships of Buckman, Culdrum, Hillman, Leigh, Mount Morris, Platte, Richardson and Rosing.

For other voters in Morrison County, the polling places are:

Agram Township – Agram Town Hall; Belle Prairie Township – Belle Prairie Town Hall; Bellevue Township – Bellevue Town Hall; Buh Township – Buh Town Hall; Cushing Township – Cushing Town Hall; Darling Township – Darling Town Hall; Elmdale Township – Elmdale Town Hall; Granite Township – Granite Town Hall; Green Prairie Township – Green Prairie Town Hall; Lakin Township – Lakin Town Hall; Little Falls Township – Little Falls Town Hall; city of Little Falls, Ward 1 – Initiative Foundation; Little Falls, Ward 2 – Little Falls City Hall; Little Falls Ward 3 – Lincoln Elementary School; Morrill Township – Morrill Town Hall in Ramey; city of Motley and Motley Township – Motley City Hall; city of Pierz and Pierz Township – Pierz City Hall; Pike Creek Township – Pike Creek Town Hall; Pulaski Township – Pulaski Town Hall; city of Randall – Randall Community Building; Ripley Township – Ripley Town Hall; city of Royalton – Royalton City Center; Scandia Valley Township – Scandia Valley Town Hall; Swan River Township – Swan River Town Hall; Swanville Township – Swanville Fire Hall; Two Rivers Township – Bowlus Fire Hall; and the city of Upsala – Upsala Fire Hall.

Polling hours for most locations run from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m., except for Lakin and Pulaski townships, which will be open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.