School Boards across the area change very little

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Each of the school districts attended by students living in Morrison County, except Holdingford, held school board elections Tuesday. The results are as follows:

Little Falls—Three board members were elected Tuesday, two of which were incumbents. Cathy Adamek was re-elected with 3,563 votes or 17.94 percent of the ballots cast. Jay Spillum was also re-elected with 3,389 votes, or 17.07 percent of the ballots cast. The newest person on the board is Mike LeMieur. He received 4,234 votes, or 21.32 percent of the ballots. There are 12,626 registered voters in the Little Falls School District.

Pierz—With 5,673 registered voters, residents of the district re-elected three incumbents to the Pierz School Board. Mike Wilson received 1,714 votes, or 33.74 percent. Joanne Broschofsky received 1,707 votes, or 33.6 percent and Steven Boser received 1,624 votes, or 33.74 percent.

Pillager—While six people were vying for three seats on the Pillager School Board, the three incumbents were re-elected. Scott Mudgett received 1475 votes or 24.75 percent of the 6,021 registered voters; Scott Eastman received 1,177 votes, or 19.75 percent; and Shawn Hunstad received 935 votes, or 15.69 percent.

Royalton—With 5,512 registered voters, one incumbent and one new board member were elected to the school board. Michelle Carlson received 1,305 votes, or 49.7 percent and Liz Verley received 1,080 votes, or 41.13 percent. There were 241 write-ins.

The Royalton School District also had a referendum on the ballot, asking for $350 per pupil per year increase in the levy, to continue for four years. Those voting decided against the referendum 1,023 to 877.

Sauk Rapids-Rice—Four people were elected Tuesday to the seven-member board. The three incumbents elected  were Mark Hauck with 5,569 votes, or 20.77 percent; Jan Solarz with 5,881 votes, or 21.93 percent; and Tracy Morse with 5,701 votes, or 21.26 percent. The newest board member is Tracey Fiereck who received 5,259 votes or 19.61 percent.

Sauk Rapids-Rice also passed a referendum which will increase revenue for the schools by $380 per pupil per year for six years. The referendum passed 6,417 to 5,274. There are 15,492 eligible voters in the district.

Staples Motley—One incumbent and two new members were elected to the board Tuesday, out of nine people on the ballot. Incumbent Chad Longbella retained his seat with 2,310 votes, or 21.38 percent. New board members Bryan Winkels received 1,500 votes, or 13.88 percent of the 7,484 registered voters and  Roy Digiovanni received 1,669 votes, or 15.44 percent.

Swanville—With 2,558 registered voters, all three incumbents retained their seats on the board. Kathleen Beckman received 551 votes or 26.45 percent; Chris Kircher received 672 votes or 32.26 percent; and Jeff Opelia received 496 votes, or 23.81 percent.

Upsala—Two incumbents retained their seats on the school board. Karin Nelson received 666 votes from the 2,943 eligible voters or 29.37 percent of those who voted and Marvin Wensmann received 717 votes or 31.61 percent. The newest board member is Matthew Ripplinger who received 857 votes, or 37.79 percent.