District handled bus accident well

To the Editor:

As a parent of three Little Falls School District Bus 12 passengers (who were not in the bus accident Oct. 25), I want to express my sincere appreciation for the way the district handled a difficult situation.

First, the district notified us of an alternative bus, when ours was unavailable to come. At the school, our elementary principal briefly informed me of the accident, telling me why Bus 12 had not come.

The district’s Web site posted an announcement regarding the accident, letting everyone know the bus involved and that all parents of the students involved had been contacted. Later, the district’s Web site indicated that all students who had been treated at the hospital were released. Also, the superintendent sent a recorded message by telephone to all district parents notifying them of the accident.

After school, the superintendent and some staff briefly spoke with the kids on Bus 12. The next day, the social worker was on the bus in case any kids were uncomfortable riding the bus.

Thanks to the district for its thorough communication to the people directly affected by the accident and to all parents in the district. I believe it helped alleviate questions, anxiety and “rumors.”

It’s good to know the district can act quickly and concisely dealing with a difficult situation. Well done and thank you. — Ami McKinley, Little Falls