Has the lesson been learned?

To the Editor:

Do you think the Republicans learned anything? Hopefully they figured out that the people are sick and tired of their tax cuts for the rich platform. Maybe if they change their ways and start caring about the people, not just the rich and big business, they can do better next time. I sure hope not.

I was surprised there was no letter from a Republican saying bread is going to be $100 a loaf. Hey, you lost, get over it. On the bright side, depression is covered under Obamacare.

Now that the Democrats have control in St. Paul, they should pass a law saying you can’t represent the people if you are a Republican. That can’t be any less unconstitutional then the Republicans’ voter ID plan. Thank God the majority of people saw that for what it was. A Republican scam to keep people from voting against them. — Bill Wiecorek, Little Falls